5 Tips for Organizing Jewelry

The way we organize our jewelry is important to keep it always beautiful and well cared for and still helps us when thinking about the look.  

We brought the tips below to help you organize them:

1- Drawer organizers, i.e., partitions that go inside the drawer to help organize the bijoux. You can separate by type, color, style...
2- Mini drawers. There are several models, the acrylic ones are beautiful! Each drawer is suitable for one type of bijoux.
3- Bottles! Have you ever thought about putting the bracelets in the mouth of the bottles? They look beautiful when personalized. You can make a combination of bottles in several colors and sizes
4- Hangers to hang the necklaces. You can put some nails on the hangers and hang a different necklace per nail.
5- Pictures with hooks like pegboards

Do you have other tips? Share with us!