3 Acessórios para cabelo que não vai querer ignorar em 2023

3 Hair Accessories You Won't Want To Skip In 2023

Did you know that your hair is also an excellent source of creativity for your looks? Learn to explore your full potential and get to know the hair accessories that are most in fashion.

- dashes

Take advantage of its practicality and give your hair a cleaner and more sophisticated look with this accessory. You can always take the opportunity to be more daring and/or complement your look with a bolder dash with words or even colored stones and crystals.


- headbands

This is another classic in the world of fashion that has been reborn in recent times and promises to be something to talk about. Whether to enhance a hairstyle even further, or even to save it, this is the perfect accessory to complement your hair! With simpler and more sophisticated options, such as crystals and pearls, to more daring satin solutions and arrangements that attract more attention, there are headbands for all tastes and shapes. Find yours!



Finally, if you want to create a more different and daring hairstyle, here's your ideal friend, Mola! Popular in the 90s, this very practical accessory that allows you to tie your hair in a matter of seconds has made a big comeback and has already captured the attention of the biggest international designers. Currently, with options in various sizes, colors and prints, as well as with crystals and other stones, there is no way to fail when using a hair clip, no matter the type, color and hairstyle.

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