4 Dicas para revender os produtos Ronê

4 Tips for reselling Ronê products

Starting your own business is not always as straightforward and simple as it often appears to be. In order to help you start this journey, or even boost your existing business, here are 4 tips you won't want to miss when reselling your costume jewellery:

1- Explain the differentiating factors of costume jewelry to your customers.

At Ronê, we work with quality costume jewellery, with Tombac as the base metal, plated with a thin layer of 18k Gold, 925 Silver, or even Rhodium and Black Rhodium, and the pieces are studded with Crystals or Zirconia. The presence of stainless steel parts also consolidates the wide variety of products, as well as designs, which can also be presented as a positive factor to its customers.


2- Display your products in an attractive way.

There's nothing better than making a good first impression, and eyesight is always the first sense to be stimulated in this situation. Take advantage of this and use displays that show the beauty of your jewelry to its fullest. You can also use a showcase or a suitcase that allows you not only to display more pieces at the same time, but also to transport them in a simple and efficient way. At Ronê we have several options available for this purpose. Or if you want to be bolder, you can always reuse products like bottles! See our blog 5 Tips for Organizing Jewelry for more tips !


3- Give ideas for looks or combinations to your customers!

Nothing makes a customer happier than feeling that he is being listened to and helped. So, don't be afraid to go for a more personalized service and suggest some combinations of pieces that match, or even some looks inspired by the pieces, or vice versa, and surprise (in a positive way) your customer!

4- Convey care to be taken with the costume jewellery.

Transparency and honesty are some of the values ​​we care for and guide ourselves by, and which we also try to convey to our customers. When talking about bijouterie plated with thin layers of gold, silver, etc., it is natural to adopt some care to be taken in order to prevent premature damage to the pieces. The communication of these to the final consumer is of high importance, as it helps to achieve maximum satisfaction. On our blog Care for your plated jewelry, we show you some of the care needed to prolong the life of your pieces!

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