Como escolher joias para um casamento?

How to choose jewelry for a wedding?

In everyday life, it is not an easy task to find which piece of jewelry best matches a certain look. When it comes to a wedding, the task becomes even more complicated. The possibilities for combinations and styles are endless, something that frightens us all… But don't worry, Ronê will help you find the best pieces of jewelry to use at weddings, at incredibly affordable prices!


To begin with, it's important to note that the right jewelry is not chosen at random, and there are certain steps that must be followed. As a rule, choosing the dress or clothes to wear comes first. Then choose the hairstyle. Only then does it come time to choose the best pieces to complement this look.

Therefore, the choice of jewelry pieces, in addition to the personal taste of each person, will directly depend on the dress and hairstyle to be used.


Bandeau neckline:

For this type of neckline, as well as sweetheart necklines, the best thing to do is not to overdo the pieces, opting for more discreet and shorter necklaces, or even thinner and more elegant chokers and chokers.


square neckline:

With this type of neckline, the ideal is to choose a necklace that is no longer than the neckline itself. Chokers and necklaces with stones or tears. A wider and more elaborate chain can also be used.


boat neckline:

With this more closed neckline, you can achieve maximum elegance with stones and diamonds in thin silver or gold chains, combined with earrings, an almost mandatory combination in this case.


Illusion neckline:

In this type of neckline with a layer of tulle over the neckline itself, the best option is not to wear necklaces of any kind, opting instead for earrings, especially smaller ones, such as rhinestones.


Halter neckline:

Given this more sensual neckline, the fewer pieces you wear, the better. Choose instead to use hair accessories, complementing the style of hairstyle you choose.


Asymmetric neckline:

With an asymmetrical neckline, if the dress is simple, you can be more daring and choose eye-catching pieces, such as longer and more showy earrings. Otherwise, if the dress is very detailed, choosing smaller pieces is the best option.


Then, moving on to the choice of earrings according to the hairstyle, this will largely depend on the length of hair chosen for the hairstyle.

  • With hairstyles like a low bun, or half-up hair, shorter earrings glued to the face, especially with pearls and zirconia are always the best options.
  • In the case of longer hairstyles, where the hair will hide the pieces, opting for more eye-catching pieces with medium-sized stones or rings is the best solution.
  • As for shorter hairstyles, don't hesitate to wear longer earrings, such as earrings with fringes, or maxi earrings.

As for rings and bracelets, the watchwords are description and simplicity, being imperial a combination with the rest of the pieces, which will have to flow naturally as a set with the clothes and hairstyle.

Coming to the end of our suggestions, it is worth noting that these are just that, suggestions and in the end, the personal taste and opinion of each one is what always prevails. So, don't be afraid to take chances with what you like most :)

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