Jóias não são apenas para mulheres

Jewelry is not just for women

Breaking old and outdated stereotypes and prejudices, a strong commitment by men's fashion to the adoption of fashion accessories is increasingly visible, constituting a major trend in this area. In today's blog we're going to tackle this topic and present some trends and ways to use these accessories that can complement any type of look!


Much sought after by men for its simplicity and ease of putting on and taking off, this accessory is already considered a Must Have on any man's wrist. Whether in leather, metal, or even stones, which are usually associated with forces of nature, bracelets can bring life to any type of look, be it more formal or casual; more bold or neutral. Alone, or forming a mix of bracelets, the combinations are endless with this accessory! They are also the ideal accessory to combine and use with other accessories, especially watches.


Another accessory that has become increasingly indispensable in the men's fashion inventory is chains and scapulars. With more religious and/or sentimental or more subtle motifs, it is an accessory that can be adapted to anyone's style, with the possibility of various materials, colors and combinations. Take advantage of the chains to combine it with other accessories, creating a pairing that complements the look. Inside the clothes, or more on display, don't be afraid to use these accessories that will certainly give you more life!


Another accessory that tends to be (wrongly) associated only with a more feminine audience are earrings. Definitely bolder, earrings can be one of the greatest expressions of a man's personality. Once again available for the most varied styles, from diamonds to hoops, passing through earrings with religious motifs and pendants like feathers, take a “risk” that will turn you into a new person!


Last on our list today we have men's rings. Being able to be used on any finger, especially the index, thumb and pinky, men's rings are back in style. There are already many singers, actors and other celebrities, from the youngest to the "oldest", who have already surrendered to this fashion, and it has already become apparent to society in general, with a vast wave of fans that accompany them in the most diverse channels, especially series, movies and social networks and have been adopting this accessory as another chance to be bold and show a little more of their personality and unique and singular style.

Enjoy and discover our new Men's Line !

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