Semijóias vs. Bijuterias

Semi-jewelry vs. Jewelry

Knowing the difference between semi-jewelry and plated bijouterie, and how to convey and explain it to your customers, is essential for your business and to boost your sales.

The first point to remember (and also the most important) is that none of the two is better than the other, they just have different characteristics.

The main point of differentiation between the two types of pieces is in their manufacture. Within the costume jewelry, it is possible to verify the existence of two types. While normal costume jewelery is made from a non-premium material, such as stainless steel, without any kind of adornment such as crystals or zirconia, plated costume jewelry, in addition to the base in non-premium material, such as stainless steel or tombac (metal similar to brass, of superior quality), has a thin layer (bath) of noble material. In addition to this bath, the costume jewelery may also feature crystals or zirconia. In the case of semi-jewelry, similarly to plated costume jewellery, there is a base of non-noble metal and the layer of noble material, in Gold, Silver, Rhodium, etc., is considerably thicker, having a greater weight than the material of the base and presenting a higher value than the plated costume jewellery. Therefore, as we can see, the main difference is in the layer thickness of the noble material bath, which, in turn, offers greater durability, the greater its thickness.

Why bet on semi-jewelry and costume jewelry?

As they have a much more affordable price compared to jewels, both semi-jewels and bijouterie allow for a greater variety of pieces, both for the seller and the customer, which can be combined in an infinite number of combinations, perfectly complementing any look.

Where to find the best semi-jewels and costume jewelry?

At Ronê we produce a huge variety of semi-jewelry and plated bijouterie at an excellent price and quality that follow the most recent trends in the world of fashion. We also offer a 1 year warranty on all our jewelry. If you want more technical information about our jewelry bathing process, wait for our next blog ;)
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