There are some important precautions you should be had when wearing plated jewelry.
Know the Difference?




At RONÊ, we mainly produce and sell plated / plated jewelry. That is, all our pieces have a thin layer/bath of noble material (gold / silver / rhodium). Therefore, as in semi-jewels or as in any jewelry, there are some care and recommendations for use necessary to maintain the good condition and natural shine of all pieces.

  • Avoid contact of your RONÊ Jewelry with creams, detergents, sunscreens , soaps, perfumes, baths or similar, as their residues can leave the pieces opaque or milky;
  • Avoid bathing in the sea, pools and/or rivers with the ;
  • In any aesthetic procedure, try to remove the pieces, thus avoiding the possible contact with chemicals;
  • Avoid washing dishes or doing manual work that could cause friction with the jewelry bathed;
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces.
  • Be careful when saving so they don't scratch or wrap each other . Hanging the necklaces or keeping them in the packaging can be great ideas.
  • To clean the parts, use magic flannel and other indicated products;
  • Do not leave the bathed jewelry exposed to the sun;
  • Avoid sleeping with the jewelry, so that they do not fall in love or damage;
  • Avoid bathing with the jewelry, so that it does not lose its shine when in contact with products;
  • Place the pieces at least 20 min. after applying a cosmetic.