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BRONZE KIT with 18 Pieces Made in 18K Gold or 925 Silver.

The kit contains:
- 6 small earrings
- 4 Hoop Earrings
- 2 Long Earrings
- 2 Bracelets
- 2 Necklaces / Chokers
- 1 Set (Necklace+Earrings)

The kits are assembled with exclusive pieces lovingly chosen by our team, we selected the biggest current fashion trends and timeless classics in a variety of ways.

Attention: The images above are merely illustrative and are just a representation of the parts we sell. Therefore, they may or may not be included in the kit.

Who is this kit for?

- It's for those who want to start a new business even if they start from scratch!

- For those who own an accessories store and want to resell products.

- For those who want to leverage their sales with a good profit margin and exclusive pieces!

What are the benefits?

- Pay cheaper because you are buying direct from the factory without intermediaries!

- Customer support with personalized service from our team.

- Profit up to 200%.

After all, what parts will come in this kit?

- This kit is assembled according to the availability of these models in our stock, if there are not exactly the same ones in the image, they will be replaced by similar models, always respecting the quality of the parts and the richness of details.

- The pieces can contain zirconia, microzirconia, rhinestones, pearls, crystal and can be plated with 18k gold or 925 silver, black rhodium or white gold.

- All parts have anti-allergic varnish and are properly packed and separated by model.

Ready to start earning?

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