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Mixed Modified Medium Showcase

Mixed Modified Medium Showcase

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Mixed Modified Medium Showcase

Mixed modified medium showcase for organizing your jewelry, semi-jewelry and plated costume jewelry, which can be used for samples or resale, maintaining the quality of your pieces and facilitating transport during travel. Its interior lining in first-class velvet does not allow your pieces to be damaged, maintaining the original shine of your bath.

Contains approximately:

- 3 bananas for rings;

- 3 bananas for earrings;

- 10 eyelets for bracelets/chains;

- 1 flap with 3 compartments made of high quality plastic with zipper;

- Closure with velcro.

Note: Capacity may vary according to the size of the pieces.

Approximate measurements:


Length: 65cm

Width: 49cm


Length: 19cm

Width: 26cm


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