In 1981, the founder, Roberto Carneiro began to set up his company. After some years of experience in the industry and through his deep passion for creating fashion accessories, Roberto inaugurated his first factory producing plated bijou in Brazil.

The passion for jewelry and dedication, passed on from generation to generation, has led the company to expand its concept to other regions around the world. Currently, the company exports to several continents.

During these almost 40 years the company has grown and developed products all over the world, including:

  • Latin America: Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica;
  • North America: Mexico, United States, Canada;
  • Africa: Mozambique, South Africa, Benin, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Mali, Angola, Cape Verde;
  • Asia: Saudi Arabia and Japan;
Europe: Portugal and Spain.


Our main goal is to offer bijou plated with 18k gold, rose gold, 925 silver, white and black rhodium in line with the most current fashion trends, without underestimating the essence of the classic and sober style.

Our company is differentiated by the fact that it allows and guarantees a good profit margin to its resellers and shopkeepers, since it has a wide range of bijou at an excellent price-quality ratio.

Mission, Vision and Values


RONÊ sells exclusively to professionals.

Our company meets the needs of brands/shops that sell fashion accessories, which seek differentiated pieces. Since we are producers and pioneers in Portugal, our pieces are exclusive and in this way correspond to the latest trends.

We keep the focus on the customer and we like to follow and learn with the styles of each style to follow the interpretation that they give to the pieces and innovate with their preferences, always keeping the attention to detail, quality and the latest trends in the industry.


Located in São Paulo - Brazil, founded in 1990, our factory produces minimalist and detailed pieces. We work with a line of exclusive products, pieces plated in 18K gold, 925 silver, black and white rhodium, always taking into consideration the needs and desires of customers from different cultures and nationalities.

We have state-of-the-art technology and structure in finishing and plating products.