Product Warranty

Ronê Portugal guarantees:

  • Lifetime - Stainless Steel
  • 1 year - Semi-jewels
  • 1 month - Bathed Jewelry
Covering any manufacturing and/or transportation defect with full and complete warranty of the parts and exchange under the following terms:

Valid warranty:

  • From the moment you receive the order;
  • For any manufacturing defect;
  • With stuck or broken clasp;
  • Damaged, scratched, broken, or dented parts caused by manufacturing and/or shipping.

We do not provide warranty for:

  • Darkened by oxidation from sweat or chemicals;
  • Worn out by constant misuse by consumers;
  • Incomplete.

For returns, the products must be sent in their original packaging and sent to our headquarters in Santa Maria da Feira. Shipping costs will be duly reimbursed by Ronê if the alleged defect is incurred under the terms of the 'valid warranty' provided above.


1. Water doesn't match semi-jewels or bijuteries, don't forget that!

  • Be it sea, pool or just a quick shower, keep in mind that water doesn't mix.
  • We say this because contact with moisture causes oxidation, leaving accessories dark and dull.
  • And speaking of the sea, avoid exposure to the sun when you're at the beach, as the heat and the use of sunscreen are also not favorable to your accessories.

2. Do not apply perfume on the parts!

  • Accessories should be the last to be added to the look, even to avoid any damage with the application of perfumes or creams.
  • The tip is to wait for the skin to dry very well. The products, as they are of chemical origin, cause a reaction when they come into contact with semi-jewelry or bijouterie, causing a certain amount of wear and tear.

3. Jewelry or jewelry should not be used when exercising!

  • It's not just water and perfume that oxidize the pieces, sweat is also harmful.
  • So, avoid wearing semi-jewels or bijuteries while doing physical exercises in the gym or any other activity that generates heat and sweat to the body.
  • At these times, the best thing is to leave the accessories at home or in the bag (inside a soft compartment and separate from the other items).

4. Attention to storage mode!

  • The place where you keep your semi-jewels or costume jewelry is a very important factor when it comes to veneer care.
  • Ideally, parts should be stored in closed boxes, as dust also causes wear.
  • Prefer a compartment with a velvety and soft interior, so it is possible to avoid friction between gold-plated earrings, bracelets, trinkets, etc.

5. Seek to constantly clean accessories!

  • There are several correct ways to clean parts. One is to use neutral detergent and a toothbrush.
  • After washing, pass a magic flannel, those specific to clean semi-jewels and silver.

6. Be careful and careful with chemicals!

  • Just like perfumes, chemical products in general are enemies of the durability of semi-jewels and costume jewelry.
  • So, whenever you go to the beauty salon, for example, remember to keep the accessories.
  • Both the heat of the dryer and the product used for dyeing or other procedures performed on the hair cause damage to the pieces.

7. Do not leave semi-jewelry or costume jewelry in contact with other metals!

  • Another precaution with jewelry is not to let it come into direct contact with other metal parts. This can scratch your semi-jewelry or bijuteries.
  • So, if you wear a bracelet, for example, avoid wearing it with another piece.
  • Also, be careful to avoid sudden movements, which can also cause grooves in your accessories.