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Monzi Clean Gold Plated 35ml

Monzi Clean Gold Plated 35ml

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Monzi Clean Gold Plated 35ml

The Monzi product cleans gold, instantly cleans and preserves your semi-jewelry, plated costume jewelry or gold objects for longer, free of oxidation.

How to use:

1. Apply Clean Gold Monzi to the Gold object using cotton.
two. Rinse under running water and dry well with a flannel. Discard the cotton.
3. For larger objects, use a glass or plastic container with the piece immersed for only 10 seconds.
4. Wash the container used well.
5. Dispose of the used product in running water.
6. Does not scratch or wear.
7. Clean Ouro Monzi removes oxidation and grease, leaving a layer of protection on the object.
8. Not suitable for tin, antimony, ferrous or stainless steel alloys.
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Brand: MONZI
Reference: WPA2
Height: 2.3cm
Width: 4.0cm
Length: 6.3cm
Weight: 0.044g

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